Organisational structure


    1.1. Excecutive Support DivisionHead, Adeline Lee
    1.2. Internal Audit & Evaluation DivisionChief Internal Auditor, Sasikala Sankaran
    1.3. ASEAN Connectivity DivisionHead, Lim Chze Cheen


2.1. Political & Security DirectorateVacant
    2.1.1. Political Cooperation Division 1Assistant Director, Sara Abdullah
    2.1.2. Political Cooperation Division 2Assistant Director, Thao Thi Thanh Nguyen
    2.1.3. Security Cooperation Division 1Assistant Director, Retno Astrini
    2.1.4. Security Cooperation Division 2Assistant Director, Mala Selvaraju
    2.1.5. Human Rights DivisionAssistant Director, Le Thi Nam Huong
2.2. APSC Analysis & Monitoring DivisionAssistant Director, Raymund Quilop
2.3. External Relation DirectorateDirector, Bala Kumar Palaniappan
    2.3.1. External Relation Division 1Assistant Director, Pham Minh Thu
    2.3.2. External Relation Division 2Assistant Director, Joanne Weiling Lin
    2.3.3. External Relation Division 3Assistant Director, Phanthaly Chantharathip

ASEAN Economic Community Department (AEC Department)

3.1. ASEAN Integration Monitoring DirectorateDirector, Julia Puspadewi Tijaja
    3.1.1. Monitoring, Surveillance, and Coordination DivisionVacant
    3.1.2. Analysis and Monitoring on Trade, Industry, and Emerging Issues DivisionAssistant Director, Alexander Chandra
    3.1.3. Analysis and Monitoring on Finance and Socio-Economic Issues DivisionAssistant Director, Muhamed Zulkhibri
    3.1.4. Statistics Division
3.2. Market Integration DirectorateDirector, Ho Quang Trung
    3.2.1. Trade Facilitation DivisionAssistant Director, Cuong Ba Tran
    3.2.2. Standard & Conformance DivisionAssistant Director, Isagani C. Erna
    3.2.3. Services & Investment DivisionAssistant Director, Tan Tai Hiong
    3.2.4. Competition, Consumer Protection, IPR Division
Assistant Director, Looi Teck Kheong
    3.2.5. Enterprise & Stakeholders Engagement DivisionAssistant Director, Nora’in Ali
    3.2.6. External Economic Relations DivisionAssistant Director, Anna Robeniol
    3.2.7. Finance Integration DivisionVacant
3.3. Sectoral Development DirectorateDirector, Tran Dong Phuong
    3.3.1. Transport DivisionAssistant Director, Megasari Widyaty
    3.3.2. ICT & Tourism DivisionAssistant Director, Le Quang Lan
    3.3.3. Energy & Minerals DivisionAssistant Director, Marie Gail de Sagon
    3.3.4. Food, Agriculture & Forestry DivisionAssistant Director, Pham Quang Minh
    3.3.5. Science & Technology DivisionAssistant Director, Michele Yen Cheng Chew
    3.3.6. IAI & NDG DivisionAssistant Director, Wan Joon Lian

ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Department (ASCC Department)

4.1. ASCC Analysis & Monitoring Directorate
    4.1.1. ASCC Analysis Division
    4.1.2. ASCC Monitoring DivisionAssistant Director, Ngoc Son Nguyen
4.2. Human Development DirectorateDirector, Rodora Turalde Babaran
    4.2.1. Education, Youth & Sport DivisionAssistant Director, Mary Anne Therese Manuson
    4.2.2. Health DivisionAssistant Director,Dr. Ferdinal M.Fernando
    4.2.3. Poverty, Eradication & Gender DivisionAssistant Director, Sita Sumrit
    4.2.4. Labor & Civil Service DivisionAssistant Director, Mega Irena
4.3. Sustainable Development DirectorateDirector, Ky Anh Nguyen
    4.3.1. Environtment DivisionAssistant Director, Vong Sok
    4.3.2. Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance
    4.3.1. Culture & Information DivisionAssistant Director, Tan Ghee Tiong

Community & Corporate Affairs Department (CCA Department)

5.1. Corporate Affairs DirectorateDirector, Ung Srengkong
   5.1.1. Adminisration & General Affaris DivisionAssistant Director, Edy Hasmy Che Hassan
   5.1.2. Conference Services, Protocol & Formalities Division
   5.1.3. Finance & Budget Division
Assistant Director, Henny Suwardi
   5.1.4. Human Resource Division
   5.1.5. Information Technology Sytems Division
Assistant Director, Handy Ong
5.2. Community Affairs DirectorateDirector, Lee Yoong Yoong
  5.2.1. Community Relation Division
Assistant Director, Romeo Jr. Abad Arca
   5.2.2. Information Resource Management Division
5.3. Legal Services & Agreement Directorate
Director, Un Sovannasam
   5.3.1. General Legal Affairs Division
   5.3.2. Treaty Division
   5.3.3. International Economic & Trade law Division
Assistant Director, Nadya Fanessa
5.4. Programme Cooperation & Project Management DivisionAssistant Director, Dameria Rimta K. Silangit

January 2016